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Search engine optimisation, better known as SEO, is driven by ever-changing search engine algorithms, from social influence to local search relevancy.

It requires an eye for detail and a sound understanding of the latest strategies required to generate success from it. When someone searches for something online, Google attempts to display the most relevant, trusted/authoritative and informative pages at the top of its search results pages.

By having your website optimised for search queries relative to the services or products that you offer, there's a very good chance that you'll get the first bite at the cherry (i.e. rank higher than your competitor's websites).

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Many website owners believe in the 'build it and they will come' theory when it comes to a website.  Having a modern website with all of the trimmings will help convert your visitors into paying customers, however if no one can find it online, it's worthless to you. Consequently, you will miss out on traffic, enquiries, sales, bookings and business to your competitors.

Unfortunately, most web design companies in Tauranga and throughout New Zealand don't include SEO as part of the actual website build. They either don't have the expertise to carry it out, or they're simply doing what good web designers do - build websites.

Competition among websites exists in every industry online, some more than others. By getting Write Ahead to fulfil your SEO requirements, you ensure that your website gets the leap on your competitors.


When we implement SEO processes, we don’t just look at it from a Google perspective. We are equally focused on improving the visitor experience as much as increasing your website’s authoritativeness in the eyes of Google. This could involve changes to your navigation menu, breaking up text with appealing images or bullet points, adding calls to action, as well as other improvements that will assist with more interaction and conversions. At the end of the day, we want people to find your website and then act on your information once they get there. We have your best interests at heart.



Nearly all of Write Ahead's SEO work is generated through referrals. During our initial conversation we will listen to your current and future online objectives. We will then assess your website and carry out an SEO health check. From this, we will provide you with a tailored SEO proposal which we recommend based on your website's SEO requirements and your level of competition.


Once we've identified all of the important keywords that relate to each of your target pages, we will generate a report that includes each of these and will physically check and document your rankings alongside each keyword. This report, along with Google Analytics report, provides us with the ultimate measuring stick for which us and our clients can establish the effectiveness and success of our SEO strategies.


One of Write Ahead's key strengths is identification of the search terms (keywords) that relate to the products and services that feature on all key pages on your website. We use specific keyword research tools and analyze keywords being used by competitors and relevant businesses both in NZ and overseas to ensure the most important keywords are being targeted and incorporated into your website.


Once we've developed an SEO plan and carried out all reserch, we will then implement all required on-site search engine optimisation strategies. This will include improvements to Meta tags, body text, headers, image alt text, site speed internal linking structure, social connections. On-site SEO is part of our initial SEO work as well as our tailored monthly SEO maintenance plans.


More often than not, when a website is built it is not structured appropriately for the search engines. Write Ahead is equally focused on driving traffic to your website as well as making it as user-friendly and ensuring it stand the best chance of converting visitors into customers. Structural improvements include changes to navigation menu, content and page setup and other essential aspects of your site.


Here at Write Ahead we are confident about what we do. We have generated success for every client for over 6 years. We like to build confidence in our clients so therefore give you 100% control. We won't make you sign a contract and we only recommend SEO strategy plans based on our expert observations. We allow you to make monthly results-based decisions about continuing to use our SEO services.


Links are an essential part of SEO and a website's ability to generate trust and authoritativeness in the eyes of Google and consequently improve your organic search rankings. We focus on internal linking as well as 100% natural external link building by way of directories. We also put in place a plan for our clients to generate links through their own connections.


Reporting is what allows us to provide our clients with documented analysis of results achieved from our SEO services. These reports are monthly or as frequent as required and include keyword rankings reports and Analytics reports that include visitor data from all traffic sources and that offer comparisons with previous periods.

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With the help of Write Ahead, our two business websites Design Juice and The Vinyl Room have both had great increase in visits, thus resulting in more enquiries for Design Juice and more sales for The Vinyl Room. Our enquires for Design Juice are consistent and impressive. I have been using Write Ahead for our clients and constantly recommend and refer Write Ahead to businesses needing SEO assistance . I don’t think any business can not afford to have SEO on their websites it is a sales tool that is hugely important in todays business environment.
We recently had Write Ahead start looking after our Google Adwords campaigns which has not only left me with more time to focus on business development but has proven to be just as efficient and successful as the SEO work they do for us. Hand in hand, the SEO work and the Google AdWords campaign management - I cant recommend their services highly enough, not to mention the cost difference from Auckland based companies that provide similar industry services. Thanks to Write Ahead our business is continually growing due to the great online presence
Write Ahead was recommended to me by another SEO specialist, who said that they were the best he had found. I certainly agree with this statement and have found Dave’s search engine optimisation knowledge and expertise throughout our working relationship to be second to none. He is an absolute pleasure to work with, quick to respond to emails and able to simplify (what I find to be) a complex process. I continue to recommend Dave to other business owners who (like me) are impressed by his prompt, efficient service which is measurable and well executed. Thank you Dave for your work and efforts, we have noticed a significant increase in business through our website that has more than covered your fee.
Candle Creations first engaged Write Ahead in 2010 resulting in a significant increase in traffic to our website. Importantly, it was quality traffic bringing about a fantastic improvement in sales. We will keep using Write Ahead as we continue to grow & expand our business as Dave’s work can be directly correlated to our sales growth. I have no hesitation to recommend Dave & Write Ahead to anyone wanting to improve their website performance.